Gift Giving Guide

This post is the answer to the question, "What should I get Zachary Schneider for his birthday?" Also suitable for Christmas.

Gift Giving Guide

In response to the numerous pairs of socks, random housewares, and food... I've put together a gift giving guide for me. This applies to my birthday and everyone's favourite commercial holiday, Christmas.

If you really want to get me something that I'll enjoy, let me pick it out by just giving me currency. Skip the material things this year (yes, this includes cards). If you do end up sending something to me that is material, just know that I will think a tiny bit less of you for wasting time and resources.

Updated for 2022-2023.

Greeting Cards

First off, save some trees and skip the greeting cards. Seriously, I'll read them once and they are going into the recycling bin. eCards are a great alternative, and they take up less physical space in my apartment. Here's my preferred eCard site:

Wrongcards | Ecards that are wrong for every occasion.
Free, funny ecards that you are completely useless to send to friends and relatives.
Guaranteed to make me cackle

Other options: Open Me, Ojolie, Kudoboard.

Gift Options

I follow minimalism – less is more. I'm busy spending my time, energy, resources, and money on the most important people and things in my life. That means I value functional, sustainable, and unique material things.

Here's a list of great gift options, ranked from best to totally acceptable.

1. Cash

Don't actually send me cash or cheques in the mail. It's 2022, please use E-Transfer, or even better: WealthSimple Cash (My $ign is $_z) and sign up with my link:

Wealthsimple Cash | Send cash in seconds
Join me on Wealthsimple Cash! Claim your Dollar $ign and get free money 💸
Sign up with my link and we'll both get free money!

You'll send your bonus to me, right?😉

2. Gift Cards

This one is quite a bit more complicated than #1. Digital gift cards are way-cool... I don't have time to keep track of physical ones, I'd rather add them to my phone's digital wallet.


3. Coffee

I like coffee. I only do pour-over. I have a coffee grinder - and a favourite coffee mug. I have a kitchen scale too, because I'm a coffee snob. All I need are beans, or if you want to take it down a notch – grounds.

4. Cookies

I really like Oreos, but any cookie without nuts will do.